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Chimney Rebuild

Is your chimney is leaning or pulling away from your home? We can correct the situation for you.

Remember that chimney repair is is best done when the temperature is suitable; so, please don't wait until the dead of winter when you are threatened with the loss of heat! After your chimney has been rebuilt, consider waterproofing it to help prevent the problem from recurring.

We start by inspecting your chimney from your foundation to the chimney cap. Some chimneys can be effectively repaired for the long term while others must be removed and replaced. When rebuilding is the recommended option, the craftsmen at O'Connors Residential Repair are ready.

After diagnosing your chimney's problem, we can do anything from making small repairs to fully rebuilding the chimney - whatever is required.

Typical restorations include:

  • Repairing or replacing the chimney cap
  • Tuckpointing the mortar joints
  • Replacing a portion of or the entire chimney.

We also install dampers and stainless steel chimney liners.

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